Open: Tuesday to Saturday 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, Sunday 9:00 am to 3:00 pm
Closed: Mondays

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Plato de frutas - Fruit Plate
The healthiest, seasonal fruit with yogurt, honey, granola ..... $60 pesos

Sincroniza - Synchronize
Healthiness synchronized with flour tortillas, zucchini, carrots, olives, and Oaxaca cheese, bathed in tomato sauce and parsley cream. Synchronously rich! ..... $80 pesos

Hot cakes de veras - Hot cakes for real
Accompanied by fruit, smothered in honey, milk, granola and yogurt, awesome dude! ..... $75 pesos

Omelette especial
Mexican vegetables sauteed with acuyo (a regional anise pepper leaf), Oaxaca cheese and Cotija cheese ..... $85 pesos

Huevos Rancheros
Tortillas fried bathed in red sauce and fried eggs, simple and tasty! ..... $80 pesos

Sudadas xalapeñas - Sweaty Xalapeñas
Tortillas dipped in Xalapa red sauce, beans, and eggs ..... $85 pesos

Garnachas - Muddy small corn tortillas
with beef, onion, potato with marinade sauce ..... $85 pesos

Gorditas rellenas de frijol - Thick tortillas stuffed with beans
Seriously from Xalapa, three with fresh red sauce and potatoes ..... $80 pesos

A mix of four types of beans and red sauce with chicken ..... $80 pesos

Three with chicken or ham, the best in the world! ..... $80 pesos

Red or green sauce with eggs ..... $80 pesos, Chicken ..... $85 pesos, Chicken and eggs ..... $95 pesos



Pan pita - Pita bread
Basil pesto, salami and mozzarella cheese, or Chicken and marinated feta ..... $90 pesos

Hongo sándwich - Mushroom sandwich
Sauteed mushrooms, fresh cheese, tomato, lettuce and chipotle dressing ..... $80 pesos

Torta de jamón y queso - Ham and cheese sandwich
A favorite of all, you're going to enjoy it like an eight year old kid ..... $80 pesos

* Each accompanied with potatoes or with fruit.



De espinacas - Spinach
With almonds, sesame seeds, fresh cheese and onion, drenched in house dressing ..... $85 pesos

Combination of lettuce, tomato, olives, cucumber, and goat cheese; dressing of olive oil and oregano ..... $90 pesos



Sopa de tomate - Tomato Soup
Hot creamy tomato soup, with a delicious mix that will be a surprise, you'll like it enough to want some more! ..... $85 pesos

Broth, a little spicy, with vegetables and ears of dough. Beef ..... $110 pesos, with Shrimp ..... $150 pesos

Pasta oriental
With crisp julienne vegetables and sesame seeds, completely oriental style! Chicken, Pork or Beef ..... $150 pesos, With Shrimp ..... $170 pesos; Vegetarian ..... $140 pesos

Penne al pesto
Pasta al dente, chicken and vegetables with a lot of consistency, it's great! ..... $160 pesos, with Shrimp ..... $175 pesos

Pasta Corn Style
Spaghetti with shrimp, julienne vegetables in corn and cream sauce, creamy and tasty! ..... $175 pesos



Over 7 chilis, homemade from Grandma's recipe, with chicken, chocolate, sesame, and many, many memories from Papantla to the mill of the Rosary, with Mexican rice, you must try it! ..... $120 pesos

Stew with a pumpkin seed sauce, with chicken, pork or beef ..... $100 pesos

Ancho chile stew with potatoes, you choose chicken or pork, accompanied by beans and rice ..... $100 pesos

The basic red sauce, chicken, boiled egg, lettuce, onion, fresh cheese and cream ..... $110 pesos.



Arroz frito japonés - Japanese fried Rice
Rice with chicken, pork, shrimp, beef, egg and vegetables in traditional soy sauce, pineapple and orange ..... $150 pesos

with traditional Caribbean fish ceviche, over sesame, mango and parsley cream, Fresh! ..... $120 pesos

Salmón pimienta en salsa de mango - Pepper Salmon with mango sauce
Grilled pepper-crusted with mango sauce and sauteed vegetables ..... $175 pesos

Goyo's New York Special
New York steak grilled, bathed in a creamy gravy, accompanied by a spinach salad ..... $240 pesos

Pily's Shrimp Special
Shrimp sauteed with vegetables, garlic and pepper, and secret touch, served with rice ..... $170 pesos



Bolas de queso - Cheese balls
Breaded cheese balls with sesame and amaranth with mango sauce ..... $75 pesos

Traditional, Xalapa style ..... $70 pesos



Rollito - Pastry rolls
With banana and Nutella, served with ice cream ..... $70 pesos

Arroz con leche - Rice Milk pudding + a surprise!
From the dairy, yuuummmmm! ..... $60 pesos



Lemonade with mint, blended with ice ..... $50 pesos

Licuados and Smoothies
Seasonal fruit with milk, yogurt or water blended with ice ..... $55 pesos

Aguas frescas
Water blended with seasonal fruit ..... $40 pesos
Jamaica-Hibiscus, Horchata, Lemonade ..... $35 pesos

Bottled water ..... $25 pesos

Café - Coffee
De Olla, with milk or black ..... $35 pesos
Americano ..... $35 pesos
Frappe ..... $60 pesos


** All dishes can be vegetarian.
** All is prepared in the moment, so be patient, and have a coffee.
** Containers to go - - - - - - $5 pesos.